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"We bought Lance's first Band Organ even before it was done for our deer park. It has been real fun to have this wonderful [Band Organ] for our kids to heart"

Julius Granfor
Perley, Minnesota

“... I would also have to mention the quality of workmanship on this instrument. I can say, based on my 15 years in the [automatic] musical instrument business, I have never seen this quality of workmanship in any old restored or new Band Organ. Absolutely first class in every respect!"

G.W. MacKinnon
Charlotte, NC

Yesterday’s Sound and Today’s Technology

Since the first Johnson Band Organ was produced in 1970, these instruments have been sold and shipped to locations throughout the United States and to several foreign countries.

Their traditional appearance is the first thing noticed on the Johnson Band Organ. The front scenery panels, which were originally hand painted by old German immigrants, are still available and are beautifully executed in original oils by the gifted artists at Johnson Organ Company.

The instrumentation is very similar to that of the old Wurlitzers and if you are familiar with that sound, you will hear that in the Johnson Band Organ.

The superior tone of the Johnson Band Organ with its powerful voice will result in vastly increased patronage on merry-go-rounds everywhere. Seniors will shed a nostalgic tear when they hear the traditional band organ music again, sounds they have not heard in decades!

One of the greatest advances in Johnson Band Organ tone is the BASS which is now ONE OCTAVE LOWER than organs built today as well those built by WurliTzer, even on the 125 roll organs. ln addition, the shrill and squealing Flageolets have been eliminated so people no longer have to cover their ears.

Old-timers will remember the high maintenance required on the earlier type of band organs all which had leather bellows for the air supply for vacuum (player action) and pressure (pipes).

We are pleased to say that we no longer use perishable leather bellows and other parts associated with the air supply systems that needed constant attention. Today, with reliable electric motors, this maintenance factor virtually disappears. Motors are far easier to access, service, and cost a fraction of that to re-leather the old systems. They are of the brush-less, ball bearing type, which require no oiling.

For more good news, we now have access to almost all of the original WurliTzer roll music going back to when they first built band organs. The traditional Merry-go-round sound is now more accessible than ever before. Pick up the phone, give us a call, we would be happy to discuss which model and music selection will have carousel singing again.

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