Johnson Pipe Organ opus 64

Notes from Organ Dedication Folder

After visits by the organ selection committee to over 28 organs, the field of builders was narrowed to three and finally to the Johnson Organ Company of Fargo North Dakota.

(See notes 2 & 3 below) The 17 rank, 924 pipe, organ is placed in our balcony. The enclosed style pipe chamber duplicates the woodwork on the altar of the sanctuary providing a look that fits the traditional styling of the church. The organ has an entirely electro-pneumatic action with the Swell chamber mounted behind and slightly higher than the Great, with the Pedal Organ surrounding the entire case. The three manual console is on a long tether and can be moved from the center of the balcony to the far edge, and can face the pipe chamber or the altar.

(See note 2 below) The Pedal Organ Prinzipal 8' pipes provide the facade for the front of the case. The case is ready to accept additional ranks including a Rauschquint II mixture for the Pedal and a Scharf II mixture in the Swell.  A Zimbelstern was given as a memorial gift from the present organists, pastor, and the chairman of the committee. This provides a pleasing bell accompaniment.

(See note 3 below) The third manual , which is planned for an antiphonal organ in the future is currently doing solo work with the Trumpets, Gemshorn, Krummhorn and the Prinzipal 8' all available. The entire console and chamber electronics are MIDI controlled and each keyboard and the pedals have three individual MIDI stops available to them. This organ was designed to allow for much future expansion.

This new organ replaces an Allan electronic organ which was purchased with memorial gifts and dedicated in September of 1963. The new organ will lead us to glorify God in music and song for generations to come, assuring us that to "Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord" shall continue in Our Savior's Lutheran Church.

Note 1: An electronic transposer was added shortly after the dedication.

Note 2:  In 2003 the Pedal Rauschquint and the Swell Scharf III were added to the instrument as well as extending the Pedal Prinzipal to 16'.

Note 3:  The 2003 project also included the addition of the antiphonal organ which is enclosed in its own chamber above the alter.  This chamber consists of a Holz Flöte 8’, Holz Flöte Celeste, Principal 4’ and Flautino 2’.  This brings the instrument up to 26 ranks and 1,368 pipes.

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