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Style 163


Style 163

Although not our largest band organ, it's lilting melodies will tickle you down to your toes! You'll think you are hearing the Paul Whiteman band and want to dance!

  • It has automatic registers (stops) with frequent changes in tone and volume will never leave you bored.
  • Rhythms are punctuated with a full compliment of percussions.
  • This "Rolls-Royce" model will suit either indoor or outdoor amusements and is the ultimate carousel organ.

[Our Johnson Band Organ] "gives much pleasure to young and old that ride the carousel horses which prance to the sound of organ music. Everyone enjoys watching the drums and cymbal beat out their rhythm. Many admire the fine workmanship and quality of sound."

Lonnie Halverson
Chahinkapa Park Carousel
Wahpeton, North Dakota

Style 157


Largely based on the WurliTzer style, this instrument was designed to be used on the three and four abreast carousels.    It is the second most popular style of that era.  The Style 153 is the same instrument but with a different case design.  These can also have swell shutters for additional volume control.  This instrument pictured is the first organ to use the new gold metal foil instead of the traditional gold paint.  It is very superior to paint and will never fade or tarnish.

Style 125  


This organ is based largely on the WurliTzer 125 but with a few exceptions. The newly available European rolls give this band organ a new dimension making it a hit with band organ enthusiasts.

  • It has a full-length 16 foot trombone bass which makes the organ sound like a much larger instrument.
  • It also contains a small glockenspiel like the big organs.
  • Trumpet horns are voiced to be less shrill than traditional organs.

"When we first signed the contract for our new half-million dollar carousel, I knew it had to have a band organ like the kind my father, Al, used to have for our shows. I strongly feel that having this band organ adds class to our show and sets us apart from our competition."

Dr. Dale Merriam
Merriam's Midway, Inc.
Tempe, AZ

Style 105  


This model is very similar to the WurliTzer 105 which was their most popular model. Its smaller size allows it to fit on traveling merry-go-rounds.

  • Considered the "work horse" of band organs, it delights "children of all ages."
  • The front scenery panels can be left out for more volume. (As shown)
  • Each organ has its own custom-painted landscape scenery.

" I remember when the club first got that old merry-go-round donated. (To the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion, the largest engine show in the nation.) We used recorded organ music and we thought the crowds were good. Then we bought a Johnson Band Organ and, "Wow!" Did that thing take off! Now people stand in line for a hour just to ride!"

Lynette Briden,
past president

Style 103  

Style 103 MD

This brand new model instroduced in 2003 features the new MIDI system, as easy as playing your CD's. The organ itself is a scaled-down no frills version of the popular Style 105SP. It is so light that two men can easily lift it unto the carousel. It can be voiced for either indoor or outdoor use. The action is all electric using the same valve system as its church organ cousin. This model is also available in the traditional paper roll player.


Style 103 Street Organ

For a long time, we have wanted to design a European-styled street organ. these instruments can be mounted on their own trailer or in a pickup. It, too can be played by MIDI or paper roll. the street organ front which attaches in seconds, features carnival decorations and hand painted scenery.


Style 101

This baby band organ, sometimes called a "flute organ," is designed for small carousels and kiddie rides. The percussions have been eliminated allowing it to fit on the newer type carousels that have little space for a band organ.

  • The Top scroll can be left off when revolving scenery panels conflicts.
  • Its smaller size also means a very low purchase price.
  • Its light weight is good news for exhibitors as it can be easily moved by two people.
  • The front center scenery panel can be removed for more volume.

"After we got that music box [band organ] from Fargo, I think people would stand in line at the merry-go-round if it was 20 below and a blizzard"

Gary Olson
Leonard, North Dakota

Want to know more about these band organs or other models please call 218-284-3173. We would be happy to discuss which model suits your application.

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